Sunday, February 1, 2009

Have you seen my angel?

I had last seen her in a dream just before Kathy went in for her surgery. I knew all would be well after seeing her. Chloe has always been protective of Kathy and I. Briards are known for this, and Chloe was not the average Briard.
Chloe's story begins about 16 years ago. 
Kathy was not looking for a dog while shopping at a local pet store one day. A local animal rescue group had several dogs on display and she saw Chloe, and she asked , is that a briard?
Kathy wasn't sure because Chloe was abused badly and neglected.
She brought this dog home and immediately fell in love with Kathy, but not her husband at that time. I met Kathy a few years later when she joined the First Aid Squad I belonged to. She was going through a divorce and we started dating.
After several dates I was introduced to Chloe. Now remember, Chloe was very protective of Kathy and also her territory. Kathy told me to walk right up to her like I belonged there. When she first saw me she came right up to me and she barked her head off and growled slightly. Within a few minutes she allowed me to pet her and play with her. Kathy and I knew then that we were meant to be together, because Chloe told us this in her own way.Kathy and I have been together for almost 10 years now but unfortunately Chloe passed away on Christmas Eve of 2005. She had become the most lovable dog you could imagine.
Since Chloe's passing she has been in our thoughts many times, and I believe this is how she is looking over me and Kathy. At times she is not in my thoughts but I know she is out in the world somewhere helping others. If you have seen this angel, in your dreams or in your thoughts, maybe there was a time when you heard a dog's bark but could not see her, this may have been Chloe watching over you.
I miss her, so if you do see her, hear her or feel the presence of her, let her know that we are still here for her, as she has been there for us. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy stories, sad stories, miracles and reality. We take too much for granted. Through out my life I have heard time after time of the unexplainable happening. On January 15th 2009, I was convinced that there are angels out there. That day I received a call that a plane crashed into the Hudson River. I am an EMT with a first aid squad, and was dispatched to a staging area to assist at the scene if needed. Within minutes. Five ambulances responded from our town. I feel bad for thinking this but, because of the temperature and winds that day there was not a chance those people would survive. I was in the middle of a doctors appointment when I received this call. By the time I left the office and turned on the radio, there was already reports of all the passengers were being rescued by ferry boats in the area of the crash. As has been reported, no one died.

I don't want to take any honors away from "Sully" and his crew, they did what they were trained to do and saved 156 lives on that plane and maybe hundreds if not thousands if they were to crash into a city like NYC. "I Do Believe" that there were angels among them on that plane to guide them to safety. "I Do Believe" there were angels in the cabin calming everyone so that all disembarked safely. "I Do Believe" there were angels in those ferry boats speeding to the scene.  

In a conversation with a neighbor I found out that his daughter's boyfriend was on his way here to propose to her, and was flying out of Denver just before Christmas. Yes, he was on that plane that crashed in Denver and then caught fire. They are engaged today. I Do Believe!

These are stories that reach around the world. One thing I would like to do in this blog is to find those amazing stories that never make it out of the towns where they occurred, or where it is only known by a few people. I feel that everyone has someone watching over them. 

Do You Believe!

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